Why a Simulation

Your goal is to help people understand your vision for change. You need to help people ‘rise above’ their day-to-day jobs to experience a new world.
Simulation is the answer.

In-Room Simulations

In-room simulations are powerful experiential learning workshops. They are immersive face-to-face experiences that make complex best practices, tools, or transformations real for your people, quickly and effectively. They can help you sell more, train people or transform your business.

Delivered over a number of ‘rounds’, in-room simulations use game dynamics to mirror IT and Business interaction. The iterative nature of the ‘rounds’ is based around the behavioral psychology and experiential learning theories of David Kolb.

  • Create an ‘a-ha’ moment for your people
  • Accelerate breakthrough understanding
  • Provide a positive and memorable experience which your people will be talking about for years to come

Simulations can change compliant process behavior to compassionate service behavior” Eveline Oerhlich, Forrester