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DevOps Simulation

The DevOps simulation is an interactive face-to-face workshop which demonstrates the business value and positive impact of a DevOps approach. It helps accelerate the adoption of DevOps across the enterprise, while successfully turning DevOps opponents into advocates. By helping to clearly communicate the DevOps case for change, it creates shared understanding and commitment towards Development and Operations working together as a high-performing team.


Cloud Simulation

The Cloud Simulation provides a rounded understanding and realization of the benefits that cloud computing can offer organizations. It helps organizations understand how to safely leverage the benefits of the cloud and turn themselves into a provider of agile, efficient and flexible services whilst minimizing risk. The simulation is highly realistic, and leverages game dynamics to mirror a real world global enterprise facing fluctuating business and IT demands.


ITSM Simulation

The ITSM simulation is a high-impact, energetic way to create breakthrough understanding around ITSM and the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL). Facilitated in a number of realistic industry scenarios, the ITSM simulation brings to life the people, process and technology issues faced by enterprise organizations. In-room and digital variants are available. The ITSM in-room simulation is available in 3 industry scenarios: Health, Retail and NPO (non-profit).


BlockChain Simulation

An engaging 2-hour workshop teaching non-technical business professionals how Blockchain works, in a hands-on, business focused and practical way. A non-technical explanation of how Blockchain works in the context of a business’s operation. Participants play the part of companies who decided to form a consortium, contributing to a common Blockchain. They follow a fictitious scenario in which they experience first-hand the benefits of a Blockchain for improving their decision-making capabilities. The tactile nature of the business simulation increases engagement and speeds up learning.