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Unless anyone of you lived under a stone, the whole IT industry knows by now that the way to approach projects and software development had to change. Where Lean started decades ago to transform the manufactory industry,  Agile and DevOps are shaking much of the IT at this very moment. But having heard of it (or read about it) doesn’t mean it is implemented (successfully) everywhere. There are several reasons, but arguably the most important one is that we are talking about nothing less than a culture shift, a change in the organization supported by all parties.

Not everyone can spend weeks to dive into DevOps (although it might turn out to be a good investment of time), as most people first want to get convinced of the need and value of DevOps, wants to know what it is about, to feel, taste and experience why DevOps is seen as the holy grail in the IT industry. And that is what simulations are good at: in a relative short period (typically a day) to show in a frisky way the fundamentals, the essence, the terms, and the value of DevOps, while creating buy in for all participants and getting ready and motivated to take the next steps towards a successful transition in your company.

DevOps Business Simulations is an accredited partner of . These simulations are seen as the best available in the market and awarded as “Special Innovation Award For Training Delivery”. 

Also a good alternative for a teambuilding activity.. Forget about beach walking or that Thai cooking workshop… but discover the different roles in the world of IT, how they frequently have a stranglehold on each other and how easy the solution might be…. During this fun and cheerful experience called DevOps Business Simulation.

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